Sunday, August 26, 2012

Emergency Planning for Pets

§  Know where to go with your pets if you must leave your home unexpectedly.  Keep a list of pet friendly hotels, if you are unable to stay in your home.
§  Know that your pet is up to date on vaccines. Make sure your pet is protected against diseases that he might be exposed to in a shelter or boarding facility.
§  Know  your pet’s favorite items.  Bring a favorite toy or bed with familiar scents these can reduce anxiety.  Bring drinking water and food for at least a 4 day stay for Kitty or Fido.
§  Know that your pet has been micro-chipped and/or wears an identification collar. This is a simple way for people to contact you if your pet has been found. Most shelters have scanning wands that can read a microchip that contain your pet’s identification.
A Final Tip, take a picture of yourself or family member with your pet and email it to yourself. This photo can help to document ownership if you are separated from your pet (as if a furry of face licking and tail wagging isn’t enough).

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