Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cleaning Closets Can Seem Like an Olympic-Sized Task

Keeping your closet clean can seem like an Olympic sized task, so let DayTimeSavers, Personal Assistant Services, help.  We can partner with you to organize and clean your cluttered closet helping you to bring order to your life.

Clothing constantly casts off tiny fibers that mixes with dander and make closets a major source of household dust. Each time the closet door is opened, an invisible cloud of dust is formed. You can’t stop clothes from shedding fibers; but keeping closets clean will greatly cut down on dust.

Enclose items on shelves
Plastic containers are best — they keep dust out and let you see what’s inside additionally they’re easy to take off shelves and clean.

Bag the clothes you rarely wear
Slip garment bags or large garbage bags over clothes you rarely wear or that are out of season. They help to cut down on fibers and keep the clothes themselves from becoming depositories for dust.

Keep floors clear
If the floor is cluttered, you may just bypass it while vacuuming. But a wide-open floor makes cleaning the floor easier and allows you to vacuum the entire closet instead of just the center aisle.

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